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Holistic Therapies

What is Holistic Therapy?

Holistic Therapy is the therapeutic approach that considers our health in its entirety. For her we are more than the physical, therefore, our health is also related to the mental, emotional, energetic, environmental, social and spiritual aspects. To understand better, we need to know that the word “holistic” originates from the Greek “holos”, which means “whole” or “whole”. “Holism” is a concept that concerns the understanding of a system as a whole, in a broad and united way. That is, it cannot be defined and characterized only by the sum of its parts. A holistic view of health takes into account all the factors responsible for our well-being. It understands our health in an integral way and not separately, or in blocks. Yeah, our health is the sum of a set of emotions, memories, beliefs and thoughts. Holistic Therapy seeks to understand how your health is today and treat the symptoms, but also takes into account your entire history and the context that brought you here, to treat the causes, considering your history, traumas, achievements, world views... All these elements are important to take care of your being in a complete way. I understand the causes, we can find the “roots” of certain problems and modify toxic patterns. We also managed to take care of health in a preventive way (and not just reactive).

Therapies we Offer:

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