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Conventional Psychotherapy

Conventional Psychotherapy

What is Psychotherapy?

 I realize that some people don't really understand what THERAPY is. I know that sometimes our profession gets a little mixed up. What does a psychologist actually do? Maybe I will let you down here, but a psychologist will not advise you! It won't tell you what you have to do, it won't tell you which way to go, which career to follow, which crush to choose! AND HOW GOOD! In therapy you will understand that life is yours, the path is yours and the walk is yours! The responsibilities will be yours, but the fruits will be yours too! A psychologist won't give you advice (your friends already do that), we'll facilitate conversations and provide dialogue. And sometimes those conversations will be yours, with yourself! There is no advice in the world that will fulfill you more than you can really understand what you want. If someone comes with the answers of your life ready for you, be suspicious. The path is not always easy, but it is a very nice path to take: The path of self-knowledge.

It will be a pleasure to acompany you in you journey!

''Know all theories, master all techniques, but by touching a human soul, be just another human soul.''

Carl Jung

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